Fired Vs. Laid Off Vs. Furloughed – What’S The Difference?

If your employment was ended, you were either fired (a.k.a. “terminated” or “sacked”), or you were laid off, unless you quit or resigned voluntarily.

What Does Laid Off Mean?

Being laid off means you have lost your job due to changes that the company has decided to make on its end. The difference between being laid off and being fired is that if you are fired, the company considers that your actions have caused the termination. If you are laid off, you didnt necessarily do anything wrong. For example, employees could be laid off because a company has decided to restructure their organization, they need to downsize a department or they are no longer able to provide jobs for all of their employees. Unfortunately, this is a common situation during the pandemic.

If you have been laid off, its best to speak with your HR department and make sure that you have all the necessary exit paperwork you need. Make sure you were given proper notice of your layoff and ask if the company is offering any sort of exit package. Research the steps you need to take to file for unemployment in your state. Also, see if your supervisor would be willing to write you a letter of recommendation and a LinkedIn recommendation. This is helpful because it makes it easier to show potential employers that you were let go for reasons outside of your control, not due to a fault of your own as a professional. [


What Does Furloughed Mean?

Being furloughed means you are still employed by the company you work for, but you cannot work and cannot receive pay. The difference between being furloughed and being laid off is that a laid-off employee would have to be rehired to work for the company again. If you are furloughed, you may still receive employee benefits and you may be eligible for unemployment during this time. Again, it’s important to talk to your HR department and research your state’s website for more information.

If you are currently furloughed, you can look for side gigs and contract work for income. Reach out to your network connections and find out if some of their businesses are looking for contract workers during this time. There are also some good websites, such as, that make it easy to find contract work. [


What Does Being Laid Off Mean?

Being laid off refers to a temporary or permanent termination of work contract by an employee because of reasons relating to the business. A company may suspend just one worker or a group of workers at the same time.

Another point worth noting about layoffs is that they don’t occur because of the employees’ faults. Often, it’s because the organization wants to downsize or is experiencing issues with personnel management. When workers are laid off on a permanent basis, it is usually due to redundancy in positions.

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What is the meaning of being laid off?

The key difference between being laid off vs. getting fired is that a layoff is the fault of an employer while a firing occurs because of the employee’s fault. Most workers get laid off because the company is trying to cut costs, reduce the staff, or due to mergers and acquisitions.

Is it better to quit or be laid off?

A layoff is the temporary or permanent termination of employment by an employer for reasons unrelated to the employee’s performance. Employees may be laid off when companies aim to cut costs, due to a decline in demand for their products or services, seasonal closure, or during an economic downturn.

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